We are currently not taking any volunteers within our service, please do check back in the future.


We have previously offered the following volunteer posts:

Volunteer Administrator
Volunteer Course Co-Facilitator
Volunteer Media & marketing assistant
Volunteer Analyst

Bristol Wellbeing Therapies (BWT) offer a variety of services for people who are experiencing anxiety and depression or are looking to improve their wellbeing.

Part of our service includes an extensive programme of psycho-educational courses. The courses are aimed at people in the community who for various reasons may be struggling with issues which are affecting their mental health.

The courses are based on the principles of cognitive behavioural therapy and offer strategies, techniques and ideas to help people to help themselves. These courses run during week days, in the evenings and on Saturdays.

If you are interested in getting involved with BWT,  there are two ways that you can volunteer.

1. Volunteer as a helper

What it involves

Taking part in the group as an experienced participant and helping the other attendees feel at ease. Supporting the course facilitators by serving drinks and handing out course materials.

Who is it open to?

Everyone. BWT encourages participation from people who have benefited from our courses and are interested in helping others do the same.

“The volunteering experience has been most helpful. I hope to gain further experience by helping out on more courses in the future.”
Nicholas (course helper)

2. Volunteer as a facilitator

What it involves

Co-facilitating our courses with paid members of staff. This includes presenting and demonstrating the psycho -educational material as well as being responsible, along with the staff member, for the safety and learning needs of the group.

Who is it open to?

People with experience of  mental health needs and treatment either through lived experience, paid / voluntary work, or study.

This role involves a high level of responsibility and commitment and everyone interested is given a short interview before being offered a position and will be required to complete a criminal records bureau check before carrying out any work.

“Facilitating has helped me to develop my therapeutic skills and learn about common mental health problems.”
Gill (volunteer facilitator)

What you can expect from BWT

  • The trust will treat you with the same respect and dignity given to its paid employees.
  • BWT will provide you with the support and training you need to carry out the role and to develop your skills.
  • The Trust will always accept responsibility for the work that you are asked to complete, provided it is carried out in accordance with instructions given.

What we expect from you

  • To act responsibly and maintain values adopted by the Trust at all times.
  • To follow any rules and instructions made clear to you by member of the paid staff during the course of your work.
  • That you respect the confidentiality of the Trust’s patients and staff.

Contact details

Hannah Lock
Phone: 0117 9823 209

Bristol Wellbeing Therapies
Lawrence Weston Clinic
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