Treatments – Penny Brohn UK

Penny Brohn UK is the leading charity in the UK supporting people affected by cancer. We recognise that cancer affects more than our body. Our Bristol Whole Life Approach provides a powerful combination of physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual support that is designed to help anyone affected by cancer, at any stage of the disease.

Through IAPT clients can be booked onto one of our weekly Introduction Day courses, our weekly residential or non-residential Living Well courses or fortnightly Approach courses. Clients can access step 3 Counselling and Applied Relaxation support. Penny Brohn is based in Pill, outside Bristol.

Contact info:

Tel: 0303 3000118

Interventions offered:

  • Step 2 Group – Introduction Day
  • Step 2 Group – Living Well with the impact of Cancer course
  • Step 2 Group – Mindfulness for Living well with Cancer
  • Step 3 High intensity 1:1 – Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT)
  • Step 3 High intensity 1:1 – Applied Relaxation
  • Step 3 Group – The Approach – developing your self-care plan to Live Well