Treatments – GanWest

GAN (Group Analytic Network West) are based in Cotham, and also work in Knowle, Fishponds and at some East Bristol medical practices. They offer individual and group psychotherapy, as well as psycho-social support and psycho-educational support groups.

They primarily work at step 3 (both 1:1 and groups) but also offer some step 2 support; psycho-educational group support for people with Personal and Relationship Difficulties (including specialised groups for young people, women only and men only), and groups specifically to work towards Step 3, including Introduction to Mentalizing Behavioural Technique, Introduction to DBT, and groups for mothers who may be working towards S3 post-natal depression support.

Contact info:

Tel:   0117 944 1005 please leave a message if it goes to answer phone


Interventions offered:

  • Step 2 Psycho social (1:1) – for mothers
  • Step 2 Groups – Pregnant women struggling with anxiety or depression; Mothers struggling with anxiety and depression; Personal and relationships difficulties skills; MBT basics; DBT basics (currently men only); Young Person’s group; Women’s group
  • Step 3 – High intensity 1:1 – CAT; Interpersonal Psychotherapy; Long-term High-Intensity 1:1
  • Step 3 – PND group psychotherapy
  • Step 3 – Interpersonal difficulties groups (including Mentalizing Behavioural Technique group, Women’s group, Analytic Group with DBT skills)