Working in Partnership

Any Qualified Provider (AQP)

As part of the April 2012 NHS initiative to give patients and service users more choice about their treatment, the Any Qualified Provider (AQP) scheme means that patients can choose from a range of approved providers, all of whom meet NHS standards. AQP is about empowering patients and carers, and improving their outcomes and experience of services. Patients can choose a service based on what’s important to them – perhaps one that is closer to home, has a shorter waiting list or better outcomes. These services will remain free for patients to use and access to them will be based on clinical need, in line with the NHS Constitution.

Bristol Wellbeing Therapies are the gateway to all the AQP providers for primary care mental health in the area. During your initial assessment we can talk you through the providers that are most appropriate for you, and you will have the choice of which provider you want for treatment.

Who are the AQP in Bristol?

The links below take you to the provider websites. If you want an overview of what each provider does please use the links to the left.