Online support (silvercloud)

Online support, Computerised Cognitive Behavioural therapy, is a felxible way to access CBT support delivered through a computer program.

The evidence based techniques are all taught through the computer program (SilverCloud) which means you can access it whenever you want and work through it at your own pace. You can also access it from a phone or tablet. It is interactive, with exercises for you to complete, just like in traditional face-to-face CBT. It is supported: so you will have regular contact with a clinician who will guide your learning. It requires you to be motivated to engage, and the more content you engage with, the more likely you are to benefit.

 If you will have difficulties coming into the service for a regular appointment time then this flexible approach might be convenient for you. After completing the course you will be able to access the program for a year after if you want to go back and read anything or re-cap the relapse prevention module.