Emotional Management

Course overview

This is a women’s group running over 6 weeks exploring the process of ‘making friends with our emotions’. Building positive experiences and reducing vulnerability, this course helps participants to begin to befriend and manage our own emotions.

‘Managing Difficult Emotions’ is a group for women who regularly feel overwhelmed by intense emotions and feel in need of the skills and support necessary to defend against or manage these emotions better. This course applies Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) skills to encourage acceptance of our experience as well as CBT methods of adapting our thinking and behaviours in order to react to events in a more constructive and positive way.

Participants will develop and explore emotional regulation skills in order to build a sense of control and competency, increasing positive experiences and reducing vulnerability to these intense emotional states. Group members will be expected to maintain an emotional diary and participate in group activities and discussion.

This group is appropriate for women who have struggled with a range of psychological and behavioural issues and feel that a healthier, more balanced emotional life is essential for further progress. It is important that women attending this group are committed to progress and are willing to participate in group work and discussions around emotional management.

As with any group it is completely normal for people to feel nervous about coming to the group. We are keen to meet with prospective group members before groups start in order to answer any questions participants might have in anticipation of the group starting.

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