What’s on offer

Available  treatments

Bristol Wellbeing Therapies  follows a stepped care approach. There are five steps of psychological treatment within Bristol Mental Health. Bristol Wellbeing therapies offers treatments that sit within either step 2 or step 3. If at assessment we feel that you need a treatment offered at a higher step within the broader Bristol Mental Health system we will refer you on appropriately.

Step 1

Step one is the least intensive intervention. At this stage your  doctor (GP)  can monitor your well-being and support you through medication and advice where appropriate.

Step 2

Step two is led by Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners and Assistant Psychology Practitioners. The treatment options here include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) based courses, guided self-help and ‘bibliotherapy’. We will also be piloting webinars in the near future: these are on-line groups which you can sign up for. These options are sometimes called “low-intensity”(L.I.)

Step 3

Step three is led by our Psychologists, Counsellors and High Intensity (H.I.) practitioners. Treatment options include  groups for specific problems or one to one sessions using  treatment models such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Counselling. These options are sometimes called “high-intensity”. A broader range of treatment is offered at Step 3 across the Bristol Wellbeing Therapies service.

Once you have started therapy, you and your therapist will review your progress together and you will be discharged on completion or if necessary you may agree to step up (from two to three) or step down (from three to two) or step across (to another specialist service). This process will usually involve a review with a practitioner from BWT.