Attendance and motivation

Our treatments require that you are able to attend regular weekly sessions. Whilst we understand that it can be difficult, psychological change takes motivation and commitment. Much of our psychological treatment is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, which involves doing tasks between sessions and is focussed on goals which are set collaboratively between you and your therapist.

It is important that you feel ready to commit to making the changes that you feel that you need in order to live a more fulfilled life.  This means prioritising these sessions and giving you the best chance for making steps in the direction of positive change. If you are unsure about your readiness to engage in treatment, please feel free to discuss this with your assessor.

We have a strict missed appointments policy, which supports the need for commitment.  In a course of 6 sessions, only one treatment session can be unattended without cancellation with 48 hours notice, and two sessions within a course of 12 sessions. If more than these sessions are missed, then we will end the course of treatment. You can opt back into treatment at a later date, but would need to consider whether you are ready to make the changes and commitment required.