What to expect

The assessment

Most of our assessments are conducted over the telephone. We have a limited provision for face-to -face assessments which can be held in one of our bases. If you feel that you need a face-to-face assessment, please ask an administrator when you book in for an appointment

We conduct short assessments which are focussed on understanding the problems you are currently facing. They typically last 30-45 minutes.

Bristol Wellbeing Therapies helps people with mental health problems such as depression and anxiety and we offer a range of short-term treatments and therapies. The purpose of the assessment is to find out whether the treatments we offer are right for you. If not, we will try to help find something more suitable.

Telephone assessments

At your appointment time, a member of our assessment team will call you from a withheld/blocked number. We will try to call exactly on time, but sometimes our call may be a little late if a previous appointment has overrun.

  • Please make sure you are somewhere quiet and private where you can concentrate on the assessment and talk confidentially. We may be unable to proceed with the assessment if you are in a public place or driving for example.