*  Whilst the majority of the apps listed below are free to download, if you are using any apps, please check any costs involved and also compatibility to your device.

These apps are listed for your information only and BWT cannot be held responsible for any problems or defects. Whilst we do our best to ensure the links are current things can change. If a link does not work please let us know via our contact us page.

‘NTW’ iphone and ‘NTW’ android
Free – Northumberland, Tyne & Wear provide a free app which has all of their self help guides available so you can access these on your phone. Each self help guide is accessible as a written resource and there are brief video introductions for which leaflet might be suitable. They should also be available in audio file although when I’ve tried to use it that hasn’t worked. You can access their audio files online. May be helpful in signposting someone to information after an assessment whilst waiting for further sessions.
available for Android and iPhone

Free or £2.29 – Provides a way of scheduling worry time on your phone. Then has an alarm which will go off to prompt worry time. It’s quite accessible and works through the process in a very similar way to how worry time is delivered on courses. Allows you to look back at previous worries.
available for iPhone

Behavioural Experiments
CBT – £2.99 – Clear explanation of rationale behind behavioural experiments in the ‘about’ section and prompts on screen to complete negative predictions prior to an experiment and then what you have taken following an experiment. Stores all previous experiments so you can review them.
available for iPhone

Mindfulness Daily
Free – Asks a number of questions at the start around what you wish to gain from the app and then provides a daily mindfulness task and 3 reminders on your phone to ‘pause’ throughout the day. Works through a range of mindfulness tasks and then encourages ways to include the technique in daily life.
available for iPhone

Stop, Breathe & Think
Stop, Breathe & Think offers a solid sampling of the basics of meditation, featuring a range of exercises at varying lengths (mindfulness meditation, loving-kindness meditation, the body scan practice), ideal for short practices at work and longer sessions at home. The non-profit Tools for Peace originally created the app for students and staff in their kindness and compassion programs, but the app’s popularity in the apple store has taken SBT to a more mainstream crowd.
available for iPhone and Android

You’ll discover how simple meditation really is, and how taking a few moments out of your day can make you happier and healthier.
available for iPhone and Android

Mindfulness Training App
By setting reminders at times and days of your choice you can get a message when it’s time to meditate
available for iPhone

Spearheaded by meditation teacher Andy Puddicombe. This slickly designed app provides ten-minute meditation sessions, with the first ten days available free of charge. If you’ve never tried meditation, Andy’s easy banter and relatable instruction will make the practice more accessible. You might find that it takes you more than ten days to get through the first ten practices.
available for iPhone, Android and at the Amazon Appstore

Insight Timer
A meditation timer that doubles as a mindfulness guide. Users can share their meditation times with their friends and check in on others users meditating in the area.
available for iPhone and Android

Five Ways to Wellbeing
Tto reflect on wellbeing, set activities to help improve your wellbeing and track progress.
available for iPhone and Android

SAM: Self-help for Anxiety Management
A self-help app to learn to manage anxiety.
available for iPhone and Android

Happy Healthy
To reveal what impact your lifestyle, exercise, nutrition and sleep have on your mental wellbeing and be coached to make healthier choices.
available for iPhone

For depression, bipolar and anxiety disorders to track moods, keep a journal and chart recovery progress.
available for iPhone

Relax Melodies
Relaxation sounds and music to help you sleep.
available for iPhone. Windows and Android

To help teens and young adults cope with anxiety – teaches relaxation skills, develops new thinking and suggests healthy activities.
available for iPhone and Android

Stay Alive
Suicide prevention app for people with thoughts of suicide and to people concerned about someone else.
available for iPhone and Android

T2 Mood Tracker
This allows you to monitor and track your emotional health. The app records a range of emotions for anxiety, depression, stress, post-traumatic stress and your general well-being.
available for iPhone and Android