Patient feedback

‘I have found the therapists, venues and way the courses are organised very welcoming and friendly’    May 2017

‘The course is very well paced and leads from the seemingly impossible to the very possible over the six weeks. That “other place” of anxiety and depression is shown just to be a place which can be passed through.  Thank you all.’      May 2017

‘My assessor was so reassuring and kind.  He was very helpful and explained everything fully to me.  Thank you’     April 2017

‘the telephone consultation signposted a number of options so I have booked a place on the foundation course’

‘I was happy with the phone appointment I had. It has helped me to get on an anxiety management course in July’

‘ I have been with Bristol Well-being therapies before and they made me feel good about myself…I am doing another course and I tell all my younger friends who feels the same to take the same course. I thank you for all your help’.

‘Very good’

‘I was very impressed that my appointment was not too long to wait for and that the assessor listened carefully to what I said and was extremely helpful’.

‘The practitioners that I have spoken to have been extremely kind and helpful. It is very re-assuring that you are not alone in struggling with low mood’