Overcoming anger – Thursday afternoon at 3pm in Easton. Start date: 17 January

Overcoming anger – This course runs for 6 weeks on a Thursday afternoon at 3pm in Easton. Start date: 17 January

Course overview

This 8 week course explores aggression and anger and develops skills and techniques which support us in coping better, understanding anger and minimising aggression. This course explores cognitive behavioural coping mechanisms, helping to change old patterns of anger and also cultivating a sense of well-being.

‘Overcoming Anger’ is a group for people who struggle with anger and feel that anger is negatively impacting on their lives. This group explores anger by understanding and overcoming the habitual use of anger when we feel overwhelmed by emotion. Applying CBT and DBT to breakdown the process of expressing anger, we learn how to better handle our reactions and feelings on a daily basis.

This group teaches skills around anger and emotional management, offering participants the skills to cope better on a daily basis. Participants are encouraged to do homework, recording their emotional lives and paying particular attention to difficulties with anger. Further, the group serves as a supportive space for those struggling with anger to recognise and support each other in the development of healthier, more sustainable emotional patterns.

This group is appropriate for people over the age of 18 years with a history of poor anger management and aggression. It is important that participants feel willing to confront issues around anger and aggression. It is also important that they recognise anger as a significant aspect of their own therapeutic journey and feel able to commit to the group in order to achieve positive change.

As with any group it is completely normal for people to feel nervous about coming to the group. We are keen to meet with prospective group members before groups start in order to answer any questions participants might have in anticipation of the group starting.

This course is offered by

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