Mindful Living – Tuesday Evening at 6pm in Bradley Stoke. Start date: 12 March

Mindful Living

This course runs for 8 weeks on a Tuesday Evening at 6pm in .

Start date: 12 March

General information

Mindfulness meditation teaches participants to manage difficult thoughts, feelings and body sensations by holding them in calm awareness instead of reacting automatically in ways that may make things worse. It encourages self acceptance and suspension of judgement, enhancing enjoyment and appreciation of life “moment by moment”. This can lead to improved mood and a greater experience of calm and control, particularly where a person may feel that they have limited control of their own health condition and treatment.
Mindfulness practice has been shown to be very effective in helping patients  with recurrent depression to break the cycle of recurring symptoms. The programme is likely to be helpful for individuals with the following issues: recurrent depression, anxiety, stress, chronic pain affecting psychological wellbeing and low self-esteem.

NOTE: You should not start the course if you are currently in the middle of a severe episode of depression. We will phone you for a short discussion before you start the course, to ensure that it will be appropriate for you.

About the sessions

The full programme consists of eight 90-minute sessions.

The main elements of the programme are:
Familiarisation with the Mindfulness approach and the benefits of regular practice
Foundation practices: “ body awareness” and observing the breath
Mindful movement: simple moving meditation exercises
Seated meditations: observing the breath, body, sounds, thoughts and feelings
Everyday mindfulness: practices to develop mindfulness in all aspects of daily life, including moving mindfully and eating mindfully
Meditations will be of varying lengths but will rarely exceed 20-30 minutes.

You will be expected to practise at home between sessions (approx 20-30 minutes meditation per day plus short exercises) A CD will be available for this purpose, so you will ideally need access to a CD player or MP3 player. You will also be given a section of the workbook each week.

What will it be like?

Please wear loose, comfortable clothes that don’t restrict your breathing or movement.

If you can, please bring a cushion and a blanket to keep yourself warm and comfortable. Some practices can be done lying down.

You might want to bring a pen to write your own notes on the workbook.

There are likely to be about 10 other people on the course.

On arrival you will be greeted by the course leader. We generally sit in a circle of chairs so you can pick a chair and sit down. The course leader will ask you to give your name to sign you in (necessary for health and safety reasons).

We try to start and finish the courses on time. If you are late, don’t worry. Just arrive when you can and sit quietly if we are already doing a practice. It’s better to come late than to miss the session completely. Traffic happens! (Please note: there are some venues where you will not be able to get in to the course if you are late. If this is the case it will say on the venue information sheet that you will be sent once you have booked onto a course).

If you need to leave early let the course leader know on arrival, but feel free to leave when you need to without asking permission.

The course is intended to be informal and enjoyable. The focus is on learning by doing: We will practise the meditations together during the sessions, and you will have an opportunity to talk about your experience of doing the practices, but you don’t have to say anything if you don’t want to, you can just listen.

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How to book a place on this course

If you would like to attend this course please call Bristol Wellbeing Therapies on 0117 982 3209 and book an assessment appointment.  We assess before booking places on a course in order to check that the course is right for you.

Please be aware that there is sometimes a few weeks wait for an assessment appointment so please leave plenty of time before the course starts.