Who we are


Our team is made up of Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners, Psychological Therapists and Assistant Psychology Practitioners

Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners

Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners provide low intensity interventions for clients with mild to moderate depression, based on a Cognitive Behavioural model. They undertake patient-centred interviews, identifying areas where the person wishes to see change, make an assessment of risk to self and others, provide Guided Self-Help, liaise with other agencies and provide information about services. This work may be face to face, over the telephone or via other media. Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners work under supervision and refer on those people, who require it, for Psychological Therapy.

Psychological Therapists

Psychological Therapists provide a range of psychological interventions, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). They work with clients who have a range of problems related to anxiety and depression. Psychological therapists come from a range of professional backgrounds, including include Clinical Psychologists, Counselling Psychologists, Cognitive Behavioural Therapists and Counsellors. Psychological Therapists assess a client’s suitability for psychological interventions and formulate, implement and evaluate therapy programmes.

Assistant Psychology Practitioners

Assistant Psychology Practitioners hold a degree in Psychology and have a range of clinical experience working in mental health settings before working for BWT. They have undergone in-house training to equip them to conduct assessments and run courses and are closely supervised by Psychological therapists.

Information taken from http://www.nhscareers.nhs.uk